Lesson series


Part 1, Theory (200 credits)
Availability is “being ready and willing to help.” This means putting others’ needs ahead of
your own and lending a helping hand when you can. This might include carrying books for a teacher, unloading groceries for your mom, opening the door for someone else, cleaning up after a meal, or reading to a younger brother or sister.
Availability is similar to team sports. When individuals combine their efforts toward a
common goal, they can achieve what they could not do alone. With team spirit and
cooperation, victory waits just around the corner!
I Will:
1. Put others ahead of myself.
2. Find a way to help, not a way to hide.
3. Be ready when I am called.
4. Be glad for the chance to serve.
5. Get permission before I make commitments.
Discussion Starters:
 What happens on a team when everyone works together? What happens when they
do not cooperate with one another?
 Why should you care about others and not just yourself?
 Can you think of a person (real or make-believe) who got involved instead of
avoiding the problem? How did this person “save the day”?
 Why should you get permission before agreeing to do something out of the

Part 2, Self Evaluation + Peer Evaluation (800 credits)
for 8 times, 6 hours/time coaching on the first Saturdays of each month plus self + peer evaluation during the 8 months