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Building Systems: Wood Panel Products and Heavy Timber Buildings - On Demand 
 1.25 LUs HSW

Course Description
The first section of this course shows wood in panel form is advantageous for many building applications and contributes to environmental health. Panel products make more efficient use of forest resources than solid wood products. Many wood panel products are made largely from recovered or recycled wood waste. The second section highlights building codes requirements for type IV heavy timber buildings. It describes the construction requirements for the floor and roof decks to respond to the safety of buildings.

Learning Objectives
-    Know structural wood panel types and plywood production, specifying structural wood panels, wood chemical treatments, wood fasteners, manufactured wood components and panel components.
-    Review timber frame construction history. Understand fire-Resistive heavy timber construction and wood shrinkage in heavy timber construction.
-    Know how combustible buildings framed with heavy timber, lateral bracing of heavy timber buildings, building services and long spans in heavy timber buildings, uniqueness of heavy timber framing.
-    Review wood light frame construction history. Learn framing in platform, wall, floor and roof, foundations for light frame structures, variations on wood light frame construction.
-    Know framing for optimal lumber usage, prefabricated framing assemblies, wood Light frame construction and the building codes, uniqueness of wood light frame construction.