Lesson series

Construction Framing Techniques Series 2
13.5 hours (CPD)

This 13.5 hour Construction Framing Techniques course covers the techniques for reading and using construction drawings and specifications, with an emphasis on drawings and information relevant to the framing.
- Floor System continued, structural steel, concrete
- Wall Framing part 2 to part 4
- Types of Advanced wall system
- Wall system safety
-Description and application of moldings
-Exterior door installation
-Installing door hardware
-Applying vertical and horizontal siding
-Deck and porch construction
-Interior doors and door frames
-Application of door casings, base, and window trim
-Stair finish vogt carpentry
-Finishing open and closed staircases vogt carpentry
-Balustrade installation vogt carpentry
-Cabinet installation
-Countertop and cabinet construction
By the end of the in-depth course, builders will have a better understanding of the subject topic and gain better knowledge