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Construction Management and Supervision Updates-2023 (online)
20 Hours (20 CPD)

Construction Management and Supervision Updates-2023
This 20 hours course provides a comprehensive understanding of construction management and supervision principles, practices, and techniques. It is designed to equip builders with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and supervise construction projects from initiation to completion.
The course covers various phases of construction project management, including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Builders will learn about key topics such as cost estimation, tendering and bidding, project scope management, stakeholder management, trade selection, risk analysis, and compliance with development regulations. Emphasis is placed on developing a thorough understanding of construction documentation and preparing building permit-required documents.
In the planning phase, builders will delve into scope management, construction scheduling, time management, cost control, quality control, and communication planning. They will also learn how to conduct pre-construction meetings, develop risk management plans, create human resources plans, and ensure health and safety on construction sites. The procurement management plan and relationship management will be explored to ensure effective management of project resources and stakeholder relationships.
The executing phase focuses on implementing the project plan, managing the project scope, and delivering the project within budget, timeline, and quality standards. Builders will learn to handle various scenarios that may arise during construction and will be introduced to the steps for successful project execution.
In the monitoring and controlling phase, builders will learn how to conduct site visits, track inspections, and monitor safety compliance. They will also gain knowledge in risk monitoring, variance analysis, procurement monitoring, and reporting to ensure project progress and success.
The closing phase explores substantial completion, pre-occupancy detailing, pre-delivery inspections, handover, and warranty management. Builders will understand the importance of completing construction projects to meet client expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.
Throughout the course, builders will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills relevant to construction management and supervision. By the end of the course, builders will be well-equipped to effectively manage and supervise construction projects, ensuring their successful completion within budget, schedule, and quality parameters.
Upon completion of this course, builders would have a better understanding of the ways in which the builder can manage the project, in cooperation with the rest of the project team and the trades, to achieve the expected performance levels.