Lesson series

Construction Project Management Series 10-12
3 Hours (3 LUs)

Course Description
In addition to assigning dates to project activities, project scheduling is intended to match the resources of equipment, materials and labor with project work tasks over time. Good scheduling can eliminate problems due to production bottlenecks, facilitate the timely procurement of necessary materials, and otherwise insure the completion of a project as soon as possible. In contrast, poor scheduling can result in considerable waste as laborers and equipment wait for the availability of needed resources or the completion of preceding tasks. Delays in the completion of an entire project due to poor scheduling can also create havoc for owners who are eager to start using the constructed facilities.

Learning Objectives
•    calculations for critical path scheduling.
•    activity float and schedules.
•    presenting project schedules.
•    use of advanced scheduling techniques.
•    scheduling with uncertain duration.
•    improving the scheduling process.
•    the cost control problem.
•    the project budget.
•    forecasting for activity cost control.