Lesson series

Construction Project Management Series 13-14
2 Hours (2 LUs)

Course Description
In this series, we consider the problems associated with resource utilization, accounting, monitoring and control during a project. We emphasize the project management uses of accounting information. Interpretation of project accounts is generally not straightforward until a project is completed, and then it is too late to influence project management. Even after completion of a project, the accounting results may be confusing. Hence, managers need to know how to interpret accounting information for the purpose of project management. In the process of considering management problems, however, we shall discuss some of the common accounting systems and conventions, although our purpose is not to provide a comprehensive survey of accounting procedures.

Learning Objectives
• Organizing for Quality and Safety.
• Construction Work and Material Specifications.
• Total Quality Control in Construction.
•  Types of Construction Project Information.
•  Accuracy and Use of Information.
•  Organizing Construction Information in Databases