Lesson series

Construction-Related Laws and Legal Issues - Series 1-Online
6 Hours (6CPD)

Laws and Legal issues in construction projects can affect the finished project in dramatic ways if they are not handled properly by competent contractors. Builders completing this course will have a better knowledge of: the legal vocabulary and concepts that apply to the business of construction, the fundamentals of carrying on business in British Columbia, the basic law and legal principles of contracts and tort; the roles and obligations of the participants in the construction process, the standard form construction contracts, the application of construction contracts (CCDC 2) to practical construction situations, the law related to bidding and tendering, the law and legal principles of builder's liens, bonding and insurance in the construction industry, and dispute resolution methods in the construction industry.
This 6-hour online course will go through the following topics:

- The Canadian Legal System
- Ethical Considerations
   • Canadian Home Builders Association of BC, Code of Ethics
- Property Law
- Contract
   • Consideration, Misrepresentation, Duress and Quasi-Contract in Construction
- Breach of Contract
   • Consequential Damages Clauses are Less Common in Construction and Design
- Interpreting and Drafting Contracts
   • The Rules of Contact Construction
- Selected Contract Issues
   • Indemnity Clauses, Change Orders, Subcontract Issues and Contract Administration
        in Construction Contracts
- Getting to a Contract
   • Bidding to be a Project Participant in the Construction Industry
   • Delivering a Construction Project
- Specific Contracts and Clauses
   • Construction Contracts are defined by the Payment Method
   • Construction Cost in Professional Service Agreements
   • Standard Clauses in the Builder’s Contract Warranty
- Torts
   • Construction in Trespass, Getting Permission, Duty to Warn and Specific
   • Common Issues in Contract and Tort
   • The BC Building Code is Mandatory for Everyone in BC’s Construction Industry
- Dispute Resolution and Expert Evidence
   • Construction Disputes in Litigations
- Risk, Responsibility, and Dispute Avoidance
   • Common Sources of Disputes in Construction Contracts
   • Construction Law in Canada – Get Paid
- Insurance
   • Builders’ Risk Policies and Common Exclusions/Exceptions
- Bonds
   • Three Types of Bonds in the Construction Context
   • Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Defences under Performance Bonds in
        Construction Industry
- Construction Liens
- Delay and Impact Claims
   • Compensable and Excusable Delays in Construction Contract
   • Constructive Acceleration Claims

By the end of this in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the topics through our comprehensive introductions and breakdown of the topics into easily digestible content, and overall, will gain an increased amount of applicable knowledge that they are able to integrate into their work settings.