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Construction Technology
15 Hours 

Course Outline: Construction Technology
Course Overview:
This intensive course explores the intricate field of building science and its pivotal role in constructing resilient building envelopes and sustainable residential structures. Participants will delve into advanced concepts and practices essential for creating durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes.
Course Objectives:
Understand the holistic approach of the house-as-a-system concept in residential construction.
Analyze how building science principles impact the durability of structures and the comfort of occupants.
Identify factors influencing indoor air quality and make informed material selections.
Implement sustainable development practices to enhance environmental responsibility and resource efficiency.
Master the design and construction of building envelopes to optimize energy efficiency and weather resistance.
Integrate advanced mechanical systems to improve indoor climate control and energy efficiency.
Utilize engineered building components to enhance structural integrity and performance.
Adhere to stringent construction performance guidelines to ensure quality and compliance.
Course Modules:
Module 1: House-as-a-System Concept
Holistic Approach: Understand the interconnectedness of residential construction components and their impact on overall performance.
Module 2: Building Science Effects on Durability and Comfort
Durability Analysis: Analyze how building science principles enhance the durability of residential structures.
Occupant Comfort: Evaluate how building science contributes to occupant comfort and well-being.
Module 3: Indoor Air Quality
Factors Impacting IAQ: Identify factors influencing indoor air quality and strategies for improvement.
Material Selection: Make informed decisions on material selection to enhance indoor environmental quality.
Module 4: Sustainable Development
Environmental Responsibility: Implement sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact during construction.
Resource Efficiency: Optimize resource use through sustainable development techniques.
Module 5: Building Envelope Design and Construction
Energy Efficiency: Master techniques for designing and constructing building envelopes to maximize energy efficiency.
Weather Resistance: Enhance building envelope performance to withstand diverse weather conditions.
Module 6: Mechanical Systems Integration
Advanced Systems: Integrate advanced mechanical systems to enhance indoor climate control and energy efficiency.
HVAC Strategies: Implement HVAC strategies aligned with building science principles for optimal performance.
Module 7: Engineered Building Components
Structural Enhancement: Utilize engineered building components to improve structural integrity and performance.
Performance Benefits: Assess the benefits of using engineered materials in residential construction.
Module 8: Construction Performance Guidelines
Quality Standards: Adhere to rigorous construction performance guidelines to ensure high-quality construction outcomes.
Compliance: Understand regulatory requirements and standards for residential construction projects.
The course concludes with a comprehensive final exam to assess participants' understanding of construction technology principles and their application.
Exam Details:
oDuration: 2 hours
oPassing Grade: 70%
oNote: The exam timer cannot be paused or stopped once started.
Gain advanced knowledge and skills in construction technology to effectively contribute to the creation of durable, comfortable, and sustainable residential structures.