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Customer Service and New Home Licensing and Warranty
15 Hours 

Course Outline: Customer Service and New Home Licensing and Warranty
Course Description:
This intensive course is designed to provide professionals in the new home construction industry with advanced knowledge and skills in customer service and warranty management. The curriculum emphasizes the critical role of customer service in enhancing warranty coverage for homeowners and demonstrates how effective implementation can drive substantial business success. By presenting key customer service and warranty fundamentals, the course aims to develop a comprehensive strategy for customer service excellence. Participants will explore the creation of a robust Customer Service Model and conclude with an in-depth analysis of ten common warranty issues. This course meets the qualification training requirements set by Licensing & Consumer Services and covers all relevant learning outcomes for this subject area.
Course Objectives:
Understand the core principles of exceptional customer service and warranty management.
Develop and implement a comprehensive Customer Service Model.
Analyze and address common warranty issues to enhance homeowner satisfaction.
Integrate customer service and warranty management principles to create a tailored warranty process that prioritizes the customer experience.
Equip participants with the skills to elevate customer service standards and effectively manage warranty processes, ensuring superior customer experiences and increased business success.
Course Modules:
Module 1: Customer Service Fundamentals
Defining Customer Service: Understand and explain the core principles of exceptional customer service.
Customer Service as a Business Tool: Learn how effective customer service drives business success.
Module 2: Warranty Fundamentals
Defining Warranty Management: Understand and elucidate the essential aspects of warranty management.
Enhancing Warranty Coverage: Explore strategies to improve warranty coverage for homeowners.
Module 3: Integration of Customer Service and Warranty Management
Developing a Customer Service Model: Create a robust model tailored to your business needs.
Combining Principles: Integrate customer service and warranty fundamentals to develop a customized warranty process.
Module 4: Common Warranty Issues
Identification and Analysis: Examine ten prevalent warranty issues in the new home construction industry.
Problem-Solving Strategies: Develop strategies to effectively address and resolve these issues.
The course culminates in a comprehensive final exam designed to test participants' mastery of the material.
Exam Details:
oDuration: 2 hours
oPassing Grade: 70%
oImportant Note: Once started, the exam timer cannot be paused or stopped.
This course prepares participants to strategically manage customer service and warranty processes in the new home construction industry, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success.