Lesson series

Effective Project Management for BC Energy Step Code Compliance (online)

3 hours online course training, 3 cpd credits.
We will discuss how to recognize the overarching opportunity and impacts of the BCESC compliance process on project delivery approaches, including the value of early-stage design and the use of the Integrated Design Process.
We will discuss how to adjust the project schedule to account for coordinating supply chains and subcontractors in the context of the enclosure and mechanical systems and the compliance process associated with the BCESC.
We will discuss how to consider how the project can approach capacity development through inclusive training that considers the diverse range of trades/subcontractors entering the industry.
We will discuss how to determine the steps required to adjust current building processes to better integrate the BCESC compliance processes.
We will discuss how to coordinate the use of the Integrated Design Process in BCESC project delivery to manage costs and trade-offs
So ultimately, builders would be able to recognize the design and construction factors contributing to the success or failure of a building project in meeting its goals such as meeting BCESC requirements, staying on budget and on schedule, and maintaining working relationships with their team members and clients.
We will discuss how to set out expectations for team members around the timing of on-site checks including testing and inspections, interfacing with building official(s), and filling out and checking the compliance form.
We will discuss how to align project goals across team members to reduce miscommunication and set up appropriate support for team members including feedback and incentive structures for meeting quality and compliance targets.
We will discuss how to prepare safeguards and contingencies to mitigate and respond to missed BCESC requirements such as failed airtightness tests and energy modeling results
So ultimately, builders would be able to integrate broad project management and QA/QC tools that help lower the risk of failing to meet project goals.
Upon completion of this module, builders would have a better understanding of the ways in which the builder can manage the project, in cooperation with the rest of the project team and the trades, to achieve the expected performance levels.

This course is not equivalent to the eight training modules that were developed by BC Housing to prepare builders to build to Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. Completion of this courses will not satisfy the step code condition placed on general contractor licenses by BC Housing.