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Electricity and Plumbing -2023- 25 Credits

As a building professional, you should learn the installation of electricity and plumbing in residential construction to help you better manage your construction project.
This 25 hour online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to building professionals to have better knowledge of the installation of electricity and plumbing in residential construction.
plumbing system water pipe sizing
the installation of the grease interceptor and its piping system
the installation of backflow preventers in the plumbing system
the installation of the footing drain tile system
basic knowledge of the sump pump system
How To Plumb a Bathroom and How to Connect a Kitchen Sink Drain,
4 Genius Ways To Remove Glued PVC Fittings,
The Correct Way To Fix a Leaking Joint,
Plumbing Basics
Residential Plumbing System
Main Types of Plumbing Pipes Used in Homes
7 Valves Used in Residential Plumbing
How to Repair Common Water Faucet Problems
How to Winterize Your Plumbing Pipes to Prevent Damage
Typical Residential Plumbing Problems
How Your Home Plumbing Works
DWV Plumbing Mistake and How to prevent it
How Plumbing Works in an Apartment Building
Commercial Plumbing
 the Damage Caused by Water Leaks - Commercial Property
Business Property Damage Caused by Sewer Backups - Commercial Property
Residential vs. Commercial Plumbing What is the Difference?
Building Foundation Plumbing Drain Pipe Layout And Assembly For Small House
Practical Plumbing
Plumbing Math
45 Degree Offset Piping System, 45 Degree Equal Spread Piping Offset, Calculating a 22 1/2 Degree Offset Piping System, and Pipe Trig
Plumbing Stack
Fix A Main Water Shutoff Valve Leak
a Cleanout in the Plumbing
Cleanout Parts
the Sewer Cleanout
a Buried Sewer Cleanout
Cleanout Location
Removing the Cap
Clearing a Blockage
Sewer Cleanouts and Cleanout Installation.
Unclog a Drain
Plumbing Maintenance Tips
Basic Electrical Concepts & Terms
Home Electrical Wiring Basics
Single-Pole Switch and Double-Pole Switch
One Switch Multiple Lights
The Best 3-Way Switch
4-Way Switch System and How To Fix a 4-Way Switch System
How to Install a Marked Controlled Receptacle
Residential Wiring and Electrical Best Practices
Electrical Outlet Basics
Wiring Up an Outlet Tips and Tricks
How To Twist Electric Wire Together
Ground Wire Explained
Ground Rod Explained
Ground Neutral and Hot Wires Explained
How to Wire a GFCI Outlet - What's Line vs. Load
120V 240V Electricity Explained
Commercial Electrical Wiring
Residential Wiring and Electrical Best Practices
Sizing Feeder, Branch Circuits, and Breakers For Multiple Motors on Shared Feeder
How To Make Up Electrical Junction Boxes
How To Make Up A Duplex Receptacle Box During Rough In
Basic Emergency Power Systems
Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems
Panelboard Selection and Installation
Basics of Electrical Panel Cooling System
Understanding Electrical Drawings
Appliance Circuit Basics
How Does Overcurrent Protection Work?
Overload Protection vs. Short Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protective Device Coordination & Arc Flash Analysis
Electrical Engineering
How Receptacles Work
How does an Induction Motor work
H Bridge Motor Control Basics Explained
How Does a Transformer Work
Power Inverters Explained
Solenoid Basics Explained
LED Circuit
LED Parallel Circuits
AC Electrical Generator Basics
Main Electrical Panel Explained - Load Center - Service Panel
How Electric Motors Work - 3 Phase AC Induction Motors
Electric Current Explained
AC DC, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Multimeter, GFCI, Ampere
Fuse Board
Optoisolator Solid State Relays Phototransistor
Relays Load Alternator - Duplex Relay
Time Delay Relays Explained
Resistance Temperature Detector Basics RTD
AC Voltage Calculation - Vrms Vmax Frequency
Capacitors in Parallel - Calculations
Full Wave Bridge Rectifier + Capacitor filters + half wave rectifier
By the end of the in-depth course, builders will have a better understanding of the subject topic and gain better knowledge