Lesson series

Estimating and Bidding Procedures -12.5 hours (CPD)

Foremost among the challenges faced by project managers is ensuring the financial viability of a project. This begins with the development of the project bid. Unreasonable estimates reduce the chances of success and increase stress level. Students work though the bid process and prepare estimates with varying levels of details that are both reasonable and achievable.   The goal of the course is to provide a manager with a thorough understanding of how they can develop a competitive advantage for their organization through effective and thoughtful financial management practices.
 You will be able to learn:
- Canadian Construction Industry and Construction Materials
- Introduction to Estimating
- The Estimate 1&2
- Managing Risk with the Estimate
- General Expenses
- Equipment
- Excavation 1&2
- Calculating Volumes for Concrete
- Calculating Volumes for Metals
- Introduction to Light Framing