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Financial Planning and Budget Management for Construction- Series 2- Online
 3 Hours (3 CPD)

This 3 hours online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:

Integration with Financial Plan
-    Understanding Financial Planning
-    The Power of Financial Planning
-    Why Should We Plan Our Lives and Money?
-    Future Planning Process
-    Financial Planning: A Road Map to Securing a Financial Future
-    Setting Goals
-    Financial Planning, Financial Planning Firms
-    Effective Financial Planning For Businesses
-    Is Financial Planning Necessary For Financial Freedom?
-    Financial Planning Advice
-    Financial Planning: A Planning to Achieve One’s Financial Goals
-    Benefits of Financial Planning
Financial Planning and Budget Management
-    5 Steps to Financial Planning
-    Essential Components to a Financial Plan
-    4 Aspects of Budget
-    Examples of Budgetary Management
-    3 Necessary Skills For Managing a Budget
-    6 Components of a Successful Financial Plan For Business
-    Business Planning, Overheads, Cash Flow
Financial Planning of construction
-    Introduction
-    Financial Planning of Construction
-    Financial Projections, Pro Forma Statement
-    Pricing Models, Break-Even Analysis
-    Overheads Cost, Margin and Markup
-    Pro Forma Cash Flow, Conclusion
Financial Management for Construction in Canada
-    Introduction
-    Financial Management in Construction
-    Accounting, Bookkeeping
-    Financial Statements, What is Financial Performance
-    What is Financing, Conclusion

By the end of the  in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subjected topic and gain better knowledge

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate on the details but to educate the learners on how to work effectively for the best outcomes.
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