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Interior Design and Feng Shui- Online
3 hours (3 Credits)

This 3 hours online course will go through the following topics and provide insights to the BC residential builders, architects, realtors, designers and professionals:

• What is interior design?
• Interior design process
• Development / Evaluation stage
• Professional practice, Client profile
• The briefing, Collect information
• Building and site research
• Concept development
• Research / Communicating concepts
• Understanding the space
• Understanding through technical drawings / models
• A typology of technical drawing
• Understanding building structures / construction principles
• Variations
• Materials for construction
• Organizing the space
• Inclusive design
• The human interface / surface
• Sustainable design
• Feng Shui and its Relationship with Modern Interior Design

By the end of the  in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subjected topic and gain better knowledge

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate on the details but to educate the learners on how to work effectively for the best outcomes.