Lesson series

Construction Contract Administration Introduction Series- 20 hours (CPD)

Course Title: Construction Contract Administration Introduction Series-online

In this comprehensive 20-hour series, dive deeper into the intricacies of Construction Contract Administration. Explore advanced topics and refine your skills to excel in your builder's role.

Discover the fundamentals of Construction Contract Administration in this informative series. Whether you're a new builder to the field or seeking to solidify your knowledge, this course will guide you through key concepts to set the stage for a successful builder's career in the industry.

Series 1: Building a Strong Foundation

Topics Covered:

Measurement and Payments: Understand how measurement and payment processes are integral to contract administration.

Project Closeout: Explore the essential steps and considerations involved in closing out construction projects.

The Principles of Construction Contract Administration: Delve into the core principles that underpin effective contract administration.

Professional Relationships: Learn about the importance of cultivating positive professional relationships within the industry.

Collaboration: Discover how collaboration contributes to the success of construction contract administration.

Buyout Process: Gain insights into the buyout process and its significance in project management.

Superintendent and Reports: Explore the role of the superintendent and the importance of accurate reporting.

Claims Avoidance: Develop strategies to proactively avoid construction claims.

Schedules Check: Understand the critical role of schedules in contract administration.

Coordination and Communication: Learn effective coordination and communication techniques for successful project management.

Series 2 : Advanced Contract Administration

Topics Covered:

Modifying the Contract Document: Explore the process of modifying contract documents and the implications involved.

Substitutions: Understand the considerations and procedures for making substitutions during construction.

Enforcing the Specification: Learn how to effectively enforce project specifications to maintain quality.

Site Visits: Gain insights into conducting site visits and their importance in contract administration.

Submittal Phases: Navigate the submittal phases with a focus on accuracy and compliance.

Claims and Dispute Management: Develop strategies for managing claims and disputes effectively.

Dispute Resolution: Explore various dispute resolution methods and their applicability.

Closeout Procedures: Master the procedures necessary for a successful project closeout.

Payment Application: Understand the intricacies of payment application processes.

Embark on a journey of professional growth and expertise in Construction Contract Administration with our informative and comprehensive series. Whether you're starting your residential builder's career or aiming to enhance your skills, these courses will equip you for success in the construction industry.