Lesson series

Mastering Construction Business Management
36 hours 

Description: This training program was specifically designed and created to help participants from the construction sector study the following topics
Observe and apply any change and opportunities it provides for entrepreneurs
Define the qualities and characteristics of an entrepreneur
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of business ownership while working on a business structure,
Business Plan and Company Value Statements
The purpose for developing a business plan
Identify the types of business plans
The elements of a purpose statement
The role of goals and objectives in setting up a business plan
Understand the importance of defining goals to run a business
Apply a framework for setting up goals
Business Plan Fundamentals
Identify the major components of a business plan and apply the major concept towards the development of a business plan
Develop a business strategy
Develop a strategic plan for a purpose of developing a competitive advantage and running a successful construction business
Four important points (4 P’s) of Marketing for a Construction Business
Apply the 4 P’s to a business marketing plan and be able to identify an appropriate market segment for a business
Marketing & Construction Business Success
Four ways to increase sales and profit
The most popular Customer Purchasing Models
Sales and Advertising
Develop and evaluate the sales and marketing component of a business plan for a construction-based business
Develop a credible process for finding qualifying and retaining clients.
How to make sales and to increase the profits
Sales skills to win the short & long term customers
Learn how to overcome the 5 fears of selling construction projects
Negotiation skills
Develop the best alternative to a negotiated agreement
Human resource management
Apply a methodology to the process of hiring new employees
Motivation, engagement, and teamwork
Learn how to train and reward your employees while creating a positive culture in your construction business
Employee engagement and flow
Apply management techniques that take advantage of the skillsets and talents of your workforce while producing employees that feel engaged and empowered
What can be done to reduce the risk in the construction business
Financial Management
Some of the reasons of businesses fail
The financial statements are required for a business plan
Learn the components of an income statement and understand the construction based projects
Income Statement Case Study
Financial Statements: Breakeven Point and Gross Margin
Financial Statements: The Balance Sheet
Financial Statements: Cash Flow
Financial Statements: Reading Financial Statements Case
How to Use Financial Ratios for Construction Business Analysis
Financial Statements: Cash Flow & Strip Mall Case Study
Financial Statements: Case Study Home Building

Objectives and Outcome: Upon completion of the above in-depth course, successful participants will have a better understanding of the particular topic and gain the right mix of knowledge and skills in response to current technological advancements and the participants will be educated on how to work effectively for the best outcomes, the successful participants will also get a Housing Management Commission accredited certificate for completion of this specific construction related training program.
Program Duration
The duration of the program is 4 weeks.
Learning Resources
Learning resources are mainly from textbooks, real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos.
Delivery Methods:
In-class instruction, On-site, Distance/Online, or Combined
Marking Scheme
This program will have two parts; one part is a theory, and another part is practice.
Completion of distance class of theory will be counted as 50% towards the final grade, Completion of case study, term project, and presentation will be counted as 50% towards the final grade.
Grading scale for each class is as follows:
A 94-100%
A- 90-93%
B+ 86-89%
B 83-85%
B- 80-82%
C+ 75-79%
C 70-74%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%
Requirements for Graduation
Courses with grades lower than “C” is not counted toward the completion of the corporate training program.
Capacity (number of participants): 30
Name of instructors: team of experts of Vancity Institute,
Jamie, Designer with Bachelor’s Degree of interior design and 25+ years of construction professional experience along with tremendous 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Vivian, Lawyer with Bachelor’s Degree of law, 25+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Richard, Engineer with Bachelor’s Degree of engineering, 25+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Bill, QS with Bachelor’s Degree of engineering, 30+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Thomas, architect with Bachelor’s Degree of architecture, 35+ years of construction professional experience along with 15+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Qian, Administrator and associate instructor, with Bachelor’s Degree of Economics, 8+ years of admin experience along with 8+ years experience in teaching and coaching