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Mastering Customer Service and Home Warranty Insurance
28 Hours 

The Training Program Description and Objectives and Outcome:
This training program was specifically designed and created to support British Columbians that maybe employed or have been employed in the construction sector to gain technical skills in response to technological advancements and essential skills to obtain good-paying jobs and increase job security,
This program aims to provide absolutely high-value and high-quality corporate training to help employers in construction industry to train their current or future employees to meet their immediate needs of the business and the participant’s job, to help employers build up an agile, skilled, and resilient workforce which is essential for strong, sustainable and balanced growth with a strategic competitive advantage for productivity and innovation
Foremost among the challenges faced by project managers is ensuring the financial viability of a project. This begins with the development of the project bid. Unreasonable estimates reduce the chances of success and increase stress level. Students work though the bid process and prepare estimates with varying levels of details that are both reasonable and achievable. The goal of the course is to provide a manager with a thorough understanding of how they can develop a competitive advantage for their organization through effective and thoughtful financial management practices.
Upon completion of the following modules you will be able to learn:

- What is Customer Service
  * The five factors/dimensions of service excellence: reliability, Assurances, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness
  * Understanding of customer values, behaviours and expectations
- The Framework for Customer Service
  * How to establish expectations and why it is important for good customer service
  * The steps in transferring a home to the customer
  * The elements of a walk-through inspection and its relationship to customer service and home warranty
  * Customer service as a marketing strategy for home builders
  * The importance of customer orientation, including key components of an effective maintenance manual
  * How to plan for warranty service work, including time management, budget contingency and subcontracts
- Identify common situations, difficulties and methods for resolving conflicts
  * The common causes of disputes and customer dissatisfaction
  * Techniques for resolving disputes, the key processes for resolving disputes (mediation, arbitration, civil suit, appeal)
- Construct and use a quality customer-service action plan
  * Represent attributes of an effective customer service strategy
  * Identify procedures for identifying customer service problems and solutions
- Explain the roles of the homeowner, builder and home warranty insurance provider in identifying and responding to possible construction defects for the homeowner and future homeowners
  * Homeowner, Builder and Home Warranty Insurance Provider’s Obligations/Roles
Construction Defects
  * Strata Insurance and Bylaws in BC
  * Protecting On-Reserve Housing HPO's Home Warranty Program

the successful participant (student) will gain the right mix of knowledge and skills to adapt to the labour market’s changing job requirements, to be well equipped to respond to the evolving demands of the labour market
The intended outcome and result of training will be improved job-related skills leading to increased job security and /or a better job for a current employee of the applicant employer and /or a job for an unemployed person
Admission Requirements
Participants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), who are entitled to work in Canada. at least 16 years old and be either:
• Unemployed, or
• Employed by the applicant employer
Once training is completed, employers will hire or continue to employ participants in B.C
Program Duration
The duration of the program is 4 weeks.
Learning Resources
Learning resources are mainly from textbooks, real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos.
Delivery Methods:
In-class instruction, On-site, Distance/Online, or Combined
Marking Scheme
This program will have two parts; one part is a theory, and another part is practice.
Completion of distance class of theory will be counted as 50% towards the final grade, Completion of case study, term project, and presentation will be counted as 50% towards the final grade.
Grading scale for each class is as follows:
A 94-100%
A- 90-93%
B+ 86-89%
B 83-85%
B- 80-82%
C+ 75-79%
C 70-74%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%
Requirements for Graduation
Courses with grades lower than “C” is not counted toward the completion of the corporate training program.
Capacity (number of participants): 30
Name of instructors: team of experts of Vancity Institute,
Jamie, Designer with Bachelor’s Degree of interior design and 25+ years of construction professional experience along with tremendous 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Vivian, Lawyer with Bachelor’s Degree of law, 25+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Richard, Engineer with Bachelor’s Degree of engineering, 25+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Bill, QS with Bachelor’s Degree of engineering, 30+ years of construction professional experience along with 10+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Thomas, architect with Bachelor’s Degree of architecture, 35+ years of construction professional experience along with 15+ years experience in teaching and coaching
Qian, Administrator and associate instructor, with Bachelor’s Degree of Economics, 8+ years of admin experience along with 8+ years experience in teaching and coaching
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