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Mastering Interior Finishes and Energy Step Code

The Institute offers the following 90-hour-program covering the following topics to support British Columbians that are employed or have been employed in a sector where job opportunities have been most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. to support employers to train current or new employees in technical skills in response to technological advancements, and to support unemployed and low-skilled British Columbians to gain essential, transferable and certified skills to obtain good-paying jobs and increase job security,
-discuss the correct way to installation of interior finishes. It is critical for home builders to understand the knowledge
-Select interior materials correctly as it is a vital part of a project’s sustainability strategy.
Install interior finishes correctly to be durable and easy to maintain and service.
Design and construct wall, floor and ceiling assemblies in all areas of the building to comply with the sound rating requirements of the current version of BC Building Code (STC50 or ASTC47)
-Paint finishes and sealants correctly.
-The Energy Step Code came into effect on December 15, 2017, under the Climate Leadership Plan (August 2016), the Province is implementing a number of policies to encourage the development of net-zero buildings, one of which is the development of energy-efficiency requirements for new buildings that go beyond the BC Building Code. The Energy Step Code provides municipalities with a consistent provincial standard for energy efficiency, replacing the wide range of existing policies and programs developed by local governments. For those requiring training to meet the new condition, this 23-hour course will cover the BC Energy Step Code and its applications in eight training modules to ensure builders are prepared to build to Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code; The objectives of the course are to provide in a single volume, a compendium of the best of the current knowledge and practices in the BC energy step code. The course will go through the following topics in residential construction and provide insights to the BC residential building workers and contractors and professionals: we will go through the following 8 modules to introduce the concept of the BC Energy Step Code to the BC residential workers and contractors so students would be able to “consider” the implications of the potential Code requirements on design and construction.
Module 1 - BC Energy Step Code Overview and Requirements
Module 2 - Meeting the BC Energy Step Code by Design
Module 3 - Building Science for the BC Energy Step Code
Module 4 - Building Envelope Options for the BC Energy Step Code
Module 5 - Air Barriers for the BC Energy Step Code
Module 6 - Mechanical Systems for the BC Energy Step Code
Module 7- Building Envelope Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Module 8 - BC Energy Step Code Project Management

Upon completion of the programs the successful student will have better understanding of the follows:
The result of training will be improved job-related skills leading to one of the following:
• Increased job security or a better job for a current employee of the applicant employer
• A job for an unemployed person
Admission Requirements
Participants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), who are entitled to work in Canada. at least 16 years old and be either:
• Unemployed, or
• Employed by the applicant employer
Once training is completed, employers will hire or continue to employ participants in B.C
Tuition and Fees
1 Training Hours: 90 hours;
2 Tuition Fee: Total $3,600.00 ($40 per hour);
3. TextBooks: $100
4, Exam:100 total: $3800
Program Duration
The duration of the program is 16 weeks.
Learning Resources
Learning resources are mainly from text books, real-life case studies, internet information, as well as videos.
Delivery Methods:
In-class instruction, On-site, Distance/Online, or Combined
Marking Scheme
All the classes will have one exam; will be counted 30% toward the final grade. there will be case studies, term projects, presentations, etc. in general, class attendance will be 20%, HW assignments will be 20%, Presentation, Participation, and Term project will be counted at 30%. For details, please refer to individual syllabus for each class.
Grading scale for each class is as follows:
A 94-100%
A- 90-93%
B+ 86-89%
B 83-85%
B- 80-82%
C+ 75-79%
C 70-74%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%
Requirements for Graduation
Courses with grades lower than “C” is not counted toward the completion of the corporate training program.
Capacity (number of participants): 30
Name of instructor: team of experts, Thomas, Jamie, Vivian, Richard and Cindy
Experienced Instructors Team
We put together a strong team of professionals to design this Mastering Interior Finishes and Energy Step Code Training Package,
The team has a wealth of professional experience along with tremendous experience in teaching and coaching. We are well equipped to provide high-quality corporate training.
Our Policies and Admission Requirements In Line with the College and Institute Act
Inputting together our governing policies and our admission requirements, We have followed the guidelines set out in the College and Institute Act.
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