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Nature & Forest Therapy Practitioner Basic (1 week training)

N4H Forest Wellness Therapy Practitioner Training is currently the only institution globally offering certification for indoor and outdoor forest wellness therapists. It is backed by research institutions, supervised by leading industry mentors, and provides an international platform for forest wellness industry information exchange and guidance for indoor and outdoor forest wellness therapists.

The content of N4H Forest Wellness Practitioner Training includes basic theories, guided processes, technical methods, activity design, effectiveness assessment, and outdoor safety management related to indoor and outdoor forest wellness. It covers interdisciplinary scientific knowledge related to Forest Therapy Guide, including botany and horticultural therapy, environmental psychology, landscape ecology, etc. It is a comprehensive training program that integrates the advantages of self-paced online courses, coach-led live teaching, and offline onsite teaching.

Students who complete all training requirements, pass practical assessments, and qualify through eligibility review will receive a Forest Wellness Therapy Practitioner certificate jointly issued by the North American Institute for Nature and Human Health and

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the basic theories and core concepts of forest wellness.
2. Master professional skills and methods in forest wellness practice.
3. Effectively lead forest therapy activities to achieve various wellness goals.
4. Design and organize relevant activities during forest wellness sessions.
5. Cultivate students' professional skills and holistic health concepts, enabling them to become competitive forest wellness practitioners and empower various industries' related work.

Time and Training Format:
Self-paced online teaching: Courses start anytime, with an average completion time of 20 hours over 1 week.

Five Major Content Areas:

1. Introduction to Forest Wellness: Conceptual evolution, scientific basis, theoretical foundations, and significance for human physical and mental health and environmental sustainability for basic level
2. Forest Wellness Processes, Methods, and Techniques for basic level
Practical Training for basic level (Online and Onsite)
4. Assessment and Certification for basic level
5. Professional and Industry Prospects and Exchange in Forest Wellness for basic level

Faculty: Comprising expert forest wellness professionals and trainers from prestigious international institutions such as the American Forest Therapy Association, the European Institute of Wellness Research, the UBC Faculty of Forestry, and Tokyo University of Agriculture.