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Plumbing Design and System - Online 7 hours (CPD)

In this topic, you will know about Plumbing designing refers to the process of designing the plumbing system for a building or facility. A good plumbing design should ensure that the building has adequate water pressure, efficient drainage, and a reliable plumbing system that is easy to maintain and repair. The process of plumbing designing also includes calculating the water demand, sizing the pipes, and determining the type of materials and equipment to be used. Our instructor will explain in easy technical language which helps you to understand easily and also you will get the idea about its process. This involves planning and laying out the pipes, fixtures, and fittings that will be used to provide water supply and drainage services to the building. Plumbing design must adhere to local building codes and safety regulations and must be designed to meet the needs of the building's occupants.

- Introduction to Plumbing System Design Basics
- Types of Water
- Plumbing Equipment
- Plumbing Fitting and accessories
- Plumbing Fixture
- Plumbing System Estimation
- Plumbing Code