Lesson series

Power Engineer Series 1 - A3
18 Hours

This 18-hour online course will go through the following topics:

Module 1: (2.5 hours)
a.    Metallurgy and metallography: indepth knowledge of metals used in boilers, pressure vessels, piping, pumps, turbines, and ancillary equipment; metal structure; typical operational effects on metals in pressure equipment. Potential and kinetic energy; energy conservation.

Module 2 (6 hours)
b.    Corrosion: Corrosion theory and mechanisms, in depth corrosion chemistry for boilers, pipelines, cooling towers and pressure vessels; types of corrosion (including flow accelerated; heat affected zone corrosion, etc.); monitoring techniques and equipment; interpretation of corrosion results; prevention strategies (e.g. cathodic protection.)

Module 3 (6.5 hours)
c.    Combustion: Fuel types, compositions, characteristics; low and high heat values; flame characteristics; boiler, fired-heater, and duct burner designs; burner design / operation vs. efficiency and emissions; effects of excess air; combustion troubleshooting; optimizing combustion; combustion and burner safety; combustion calculations for excess air, flue gas composition and analysis; combustion efficiency calculations; heat value calculations; staged combustion.

Module 4 (3 hours)
d.    Advanced Water Treatment Chemistry: in-depth knowledge of pre-treatment and internal boiler chemistry (for all common treatment methods); selection of pre-treatment and internal treatment strategies/programs for various size boilers (including equilibrium phosphate, coordinated phosphate, all volatile treatment, oxygenated, cycle chemistry, etc.); cooling water treatment.

By the end of the in-depth course, learners will have a better understanding of the subjected topic and gain better knowledge

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate on the details but to educate the learners on how to work effectively for the best outcomes.