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Residential Construction Project Management Update - 2023  (20 CPD)

Residential Construction Project Management Update - 2023
Course Overview: This 20 hours online course offers an updated and comprehensive approach to construction project management, focusing specifically on managing residential construction projects. Participants will navigate through the entire project cycle, starting from project bidding and proposals, progressing through project implementation, and concluding with the completion phase. By the end of this course, builder learners will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage residential construction projects, ensuring successful outcomes and maximizing profitability.
Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, builder learners will be able to:
Select and initiate a residential construction project, understanding the key considerations in the decision-making process.
Utilize job profit forecasting methods to integrate into company forecasting systems, enabling accurate financial planning and analysis.
Manage a residential construction project team, effectively coordinating and motivating team members for optimal performance.
Understand the components of projects, including labor, materials, and overheads, and employ techniques to maximize job profitability and minimize costs.
Develop a comprehensive scope of work for residential construction projects, ensuring clear project objectives and deliverables.
Gain proficiency in blueprint reading, enabling effective interpretation and understanding of construction drawings.
Familiarize themselves with relevant building codes and regulations, ensuring compliance throughout the project lifecycle.
Create a comprehensive, integrated project plan for residential construction, incorporating all relevant aspects and considerations.
Understand the importance of scheduling and utilize appropriate scheduling tools to effectively manage project timelines and milestones.
Manage expectations and adapt communication strategies accordingly, ensuring effective communication with project owners and stakeholders.
Implement effective project information management techniques, facilitating transparent and timely communication throughout the project.
Measure and control project performance, employing tools and techniques to track progress and ensure project objectives are met.
Understand the importance of cash flow projections for construction companies and integrate them into project planning and management.
Implement job costing practices within overall accounting systems, allowing for accurate cost tracking and financial analysis.
Gain an understanding of the contract process, from bidding to project close-out, and navigate contractual obligations effectively.
Adapt project estimates to project budgets, ensuring financial feasibility and alignment with project goals.
Implement construction cost control methodologies, identifying and managing cost variances to ensure project profitability.
Utilize site and office project cost control methods to monitor and optimize project expenses.
Promote construction safety awareness and practices, ensuring a safe working environment for all project stakeholders.
Effectively manage and mitigate project risks, utilizing risk management tools to minimize potential disruptions and challenges.
Manage and control the change process, ensuring effective change management and minimizing project impacts.
Close a residential construction project completely, ensuring all necessary documentation, approvals, and procedures are completed.
Conduct post-project analysis to evaluate project performance, identify lessons learned, and inform future project management endeavors.
By the end of this course, builder learners will have gained the updated skills and knowledge required to successfully manage residential construction projects, from initiation to completion, contributing to improved project outcomes and overall construction project management expertise.