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What MTM can offer
MTM college offers traditional 4-year programs: Concept Art, Sequential Art and Animation Production by the Max The Mutt original (since 1996). MTM, now as the Metro Toronto Media College, is adding more program curricula such as, media arts, virtual film production, visual communications, photography, art performance, and sound & music.
We added international online courses of popular high-skill training and 2-year vocational training programs which are offered in our new Edu-Production Fusion campus in Toronto:
– Visual Effect major by John Hughes Institute (Los Angeles, CA, USA, since 2008 and 1986)
– Visual Communication and Virtual Production, by BONG IO Distribution (Los Angeles, CA, USA, since 2002 and 2018).
Where did graduates go
Over the last 27 years, Our graduates are working for companies including Pixar, Sony Imageworks, Guru Studio, Yowza Animation, Brown Bag/9 Story Media, UbiSoft, ShadowMachine, Warner Brothers Games, Corus/Nelvana, National Film Board/NFB
and many others.
Faculty Instructors
Kent Burles,Jock MacRae,Ally Prasad,Dave Ross,Nikolas Powell,Steve Millard,Piotr Bielicki,Scott Cameron,Maya Ivanova,
Wendo Van Essen,Nicole Ducker,Yoo Hoon Kim,Kyle Harrison,Mike Shiell,Adam Earle,Jessica Gibbons,Qiong Pan,
Philip Bredehoeft,Kevin Zimny
Highlights of MTM's degree
MTM entered into an agreement in 2018 with Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, or Duncan College, located in Dundee, Scotland, for collaborative education. MTM students can be admitted to Duncan College for a one-year master’s program after they have successfully completed the four-year college diploma program at MTM.
This is known as a“4+1 program”.
MTM is also developing a“2+2 program”with two Canadian public universities in disciplines related to animation and art education. Under a 2+2 program, MTM students will be able to directly transfer to a public university for the remaining two years of study for bachelor’s degree after they have completed the first two years of study at MTM.
With the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, These bachelor’s degree programs are expected to be housed in one of our three campuses, located at 95 Moatfield, 200 and 260 Town Center Blvd., Markham, Ontario. We are the sole owner of these two buildings that have a total floor area of 100,000 square feet.


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Messages from Executive Principal and Chancellor

XiaoYi Zhang

Executive Principal
I am extremely honored and delighted to be appointed as the Executive Principal of MTM College by Chair Richard Ng and the school board. Together with the dedicated faculty and staff, I am committed to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive learning space where students can unleash their creative potential. The recent change to MTM College has incited tremendous enthusiasm, novel resources and an excellent new management team. The new MTM Collage campus has recently expanded from under 10,000 square feet to over 30,000 square feet located in a safe and convenient location. We will also have an additional 10,000 square feet dedicated to student health and wellness to include a gym, food court, and studying space. We are committed to fostering a community where innovation, expression, and diversity thrive. MTM College strives to extend beyond traditional academic boundaries, aiming to provide a dynamic platform where students explore various art forms, challenge conventions, and develop the skills necessary for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the arts. Our mission is to ignite passion, instill discipline, and foster a lifelong love for the arts, creating a lasting impact on both the individual and the world they touch. I have strong confidence that a bright future awaits us through the unwavering dedication of each individual at MTM College.

Dr. Jay Robert Lees

I am deeply honored to have been appointed by Chair Richard Ng and board to assume the esteemed role of Chancellor at Metro Toronto Media College. We find ourselves standing at the threshold of an exhilarating era brimming with boundless potential, driven by our adept utilization of digital technologies to redefine the landscape of education.
Since its inception in 1996, MTM has cultivated a storied legacy in nurturing artistic talents that have made significant contributions to society on a global scale. Our paramount objective remains the empowerment of our students, guiding them to become trailblazers in their chosen domains. This mission is accomplished through a multifaceted approach, encompassing the incubation of innovative ideas, fortification of our brand presence via international networks, social media platforms, and the nurturing of prosperous franchise relationships.
As a paramount institution in the realm of creative career development, MTM seamlessly aligns with our overarching mission to deliver experiential, skills-based education. Our vibrant community has thrived over a span of 27 years, weaving a legacy of fruitful partnerships, cooperative efforts, and collaborative endeavors—all fostering self-sufficiency and the cultivation of mutually beneficial business models.
Together, we embark on a journey to inspire the youth to dream audaciously, harnessing the transformative power of technological advancements to address the pressing global challenges of our era. Let us labor in unison to foster peaceful, harmonious, and inclusive multicultural communities across the globe. The possibilities lie well within our grasp, and through unity, we shall forge an enduring legacy of impact.
I wholeheartedly anticipate the extraordinary journey that lies ahead, one brimming with transformative experiences and positive outcomes for all.