Executive Principal's Message

I am extremely honored and delighted to be appointed as the Executive Principal of MTM College and Conbridge College by Chair Richard Ng and the school board. Together with the dedicated faculty and staff, I am committed to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive learning space where students can unleash their creative potential. The recent change to MTM College has incited tremendous enthusiasm, novel resources and an excellent new management team. The new MTM Collage campus has recently expanded from under 10,000 square feet to over 30,000 square feet located in a safe and convenient location. We will also have an additional 10,000 square feet dedicated to student health and wellness to include a gym, food court, and studying space. We are committed to fostering a community where innovation, expression, and diversity thrive. MTM College strives to extend beyond traditional academic boundaries, aiming to provide a dynamic platform where students explore various art forms, challenge conventions, and develop the skills necessary for success in the ever-evolving landscape of the arts. Our mission is to ignite passion, instill discipline, and foster a lifelong love for the arts, creating a lasting impact on both the individual and the world they touch. I have strong confidence that a bright future awaits us through the unwavering dedication of each individual at MTM College and Conbridge College.

Jack Zhang

Our motto is

Empowering Futures | Inspiring Success 

What MTM College can offer
MTM College, established in 1996, is a school made by artists for artists.

MTM College provides for you an intimate and familial atmosphere, where your individuality, personality and sense of identity is respected. Our goal is not to change your art style to align it with an industry standard but rather to elevate it and make your style industry standard.

At MTM College, we bring the industry to you with instructors who are either veterans or currently working as supervisors, art directors and senior artists. They will focus not only on your portfolio development but also your career development.

At MTM College, you are not just another student- you are part of a family of artists who help each to reach their full potential.

What Conbridge College can offer
Conbridge College of Business and Technology offers a wide variety of specialized programs, professional examination preparation and professional development training courses. The college has focused on providing an excellent education to make sure our graduates are job ready.
Our instructors are qualified professionals with industry expertise and leadership. They teach students updated skills with real-world experience. Our employment specialists are always available to assist students in their financial service and job search.
The small class sizes, flexible timetabling and incentive training programs will build students a successful future. Our diploma programs are approved as vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
Quality Control and Assurance
Computerized Accounting
Global Business Management
Computer Network Technology
Business Administration
Game Design
Business Administration
Computer Science
Engineering Management
Engineering Vocational Education